The occasionally confusing nature of reader engagement

Photo by Anni Roenkae from Pexels — The inside of my head when presented with some intriguing suggestions

I’ve realised that the piece that I published here in June was probably a little disingenuous. I basically said that it can be fun and can help connection and engagement if you ask for writing prompts. I’ve had a FB page for my blog for several years and thought I’d…

Lord Byron’s father was notorious in his own right

Captain John “Mad Jack” Byron — Public Domain,

Emily Brand, the author of The Fall of the House of Bryon states that when writing and researching the book, she sought to rehabilitate the Byron family. This was achievable for Lord George Gordon Bryon, the renowned Romantic poet, to a certain extent…but his father, Captain John (known as Jack…

This under-recognised mental illness symptom is beatable with the right approach

Image author’s own created in Sparkpost

I can’t take credit for the term Reader’s Block. It was Joanne Harris (Writer of among other things, “Chocolat” who is a flipping delight on Twitter) who coined it when I commented a reply along the lines of “you…

The real reasons project managers jump off the hamster wheel

graphic of a hamster running inside an exercise wheel
Image by Please Don’t Sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay

According to the 2021 Project Management Report, at any given point in time and across all levels of experience within the project management profession, 34% of people are considering leaving.

At the same time, about 40% of project managers (PMs) are looking for their next role, so there is a…

Dear Bill, you won’t believe the stuff that’s been happening since 1994

Photo by Angela Davis via Wikipedia Commons — Click on the link for full attribution

(If you’ve never heard of Bill Hicks, here’s a start from Wikipedia)

Dear Bill,

First of all, apologies for the photograph as it looks like it was taken by a deranged fan on the day they’ve planned to shoot you.

I know you’re really, really dead and all, but those…

Please, no more performative parenting!

Photo by Satheesh Sankaran on Unsplash

(The above is an actual picture of my son and me, looking askance at each other earlier in the week at some historical monument or other.)

It’s been half term here in the UK, and unusually the weather has been glorious. The downside is no one can currently leave the country without having to go into quarantine for ten days afterward, so all the people would be taking “hot dog legs” photos by the poolside, while…

Forgive us for not believing in a benevolent universe

Photo by the Author ( first published on Tumblr

Something I’ve found from my own experience of PTSD, is when you have mental health issues caused by trauma, and your struggles are finally out in the open, it can be a minefield trying to negotiate your relationships.

This is made…

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